The Top Secrets to get YOU Top Results ~~ Magical Marketing Ideas for Top Marketers

Carol Naff, Marketing CoachAre you running your business or is it driving you? Get back in control with powerful inbound marketing. What do other successful business owners know (or do) that you don’t?

Businesses today know strong results are tied to having a brand and making it known. It is people who provide the edge to increase notoriety, expand market share, and build your business image. Yet, how can you prepare yourself to deliver cutting-edge news topics for social and traditional media? The Top Secrets Workshop shows you how.

This exciting and informative workshop by Marcia Reece and Carol Naff provides all the secrets of getting exposure. This info-packed seminar will include the essential elements of tried and true marketing strategies. We will reveal how to explain your business in exciting sound bites with marketing plans including examples, ideas, plus a bonus take-away marketing eBook.

“Just wanted to say how great your seminar was today. Truly, this is a genuine comment that I was truly impressed with the terrific amount of great ideas and wisdom I walked away with. You never cease to amaze me!” Chip Brunk, CEO

Top Secrets Workshop, 12 Noon – 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 May Library, 1471 S. Parker Road Denver, CO 80231 (Florida & Parker). Register here at this link, Early registration – $79 until March 16. Regular registration – $99 – limited seating available.

We guarantee you’ll love the results.  It’s easy…

  • Discover real results with the point and shoot method
  • Build a proven, free,  and powerful new online and media presence
  • Together we teach you how to write the most powerful email subject lines increasing your open rate
  • Make your new marketing yield results by discovering our proven tricks, tips and techniques
  • Promote your healthy business with invaluable free tips
  • Discover proven ways to say your important stuff quick and really make it stick
  • Learn new ways to take full advantage of your marketing and generate more business
  • Powerful and persuasive: the 13 money words and how you should use them

You will leave with immediate and easy-to-implement take-away tools, media gathering methods, customized attention-grabbing headlines created for your business, and insider success drivers.  And lots and lots more…

“I absolutely enjoyed everything! I needed a boost in my business and this seminar provided everything I needed. Thank you.” Edna Erosky

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Use content marketing for guaranteed results with proven easy strategies

Success with Content Marketing

Success with Content Marketing

Thanks! Thank you for your participation in Marcia Reece and my Power of the Media seminar last month. If you were unable to be there, you were missed.

Headline Analyzer – If  you were at the seminar, you now know the top 12 power words to use in your headlines and subject lines. We were able to analyze many of your power statements and improve your ratings. Now, based on what you know, write your top three sentences you would use if you were asked to describe what you do or what your business does. Pretend you are writing a subject line for an email, business social media post, or a headline for a media release. I will analyze them based on empathetic, intellectual, and spiritual marketing value. I will  share the results with you, and brainstorm with you to make them powerful. Contact for a special low-priced package to exponentially improve your headlines.

You will receive:
* Tips on writing copy that sells
* Learn how to write for your niche
* Analysis of your content
* How to obtain more favorable responses
* Website address so you can analyze your copy

As a bonus, visit for tips on how to get extra mileage on your media coverage after you receive it. Learn where and how to post links and videos of your media articles.

Remember, let me know if you’d like to send your three sentences to me to receive this valuable package. Contact me at

Marcia and I had a blast spending our afternoon with many of you at our Power of the Media seminar. Please be sure to let us know of your successes. We are happy to promote your businesses as we can. Thank you so very much for giving us your time.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Use the Power of the Media to Build Your Business

Promote yourself for FREE. Build your work into a brand

Carol Naff and Marcia Reece

Media Directory

Why isn’t your business receiving publicity while others seem to always be in the media? What do they know (or do) that you don’t?

Businesses today know strong results are tied to having a brand and making it known. It is people who provide the edge to increase notoriety, expand market share, and build your business image. Yet how can you prepare yourself to deliver cutting-edge news topics for the media? The Power of the Media Workshop shows you how.

This exciting and informative workshop by Marcia Reece and Carol Naff provides all the secrets of getting media interviews. This info-packed seminar will include the essential elements of writing headlines and powerful media releases. We will reveal how to explain your business in exciting sound bites and marketing plans with examples, ideas, plus a bonus take-away workbook.

Power of the Media, Early registration – $79 until November 17. Regular registration – $99 – limited seating available

12 Noon – 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 19th, Arapahoe May Library, 1471 S. Parker Road Denver, CO 80231 (Florida & Parker Road).

Register here with this link

You Will Learn How to:

  1. Use the point and shoot method
  2. Guarantee your work will be on CNN
  3. Build a powerful media release
  4. Use headline analyzers for the most powerful email subject lines
  5. Make the media work for your business with our best tricks, tips and techniques
  6. Get into magazines with these top 40 tips
  7. Gain confidence with the top 10 things to prepare for your radio and TV interviews
  8. Say it quick to make it stick
  9. Give a successful interview
  10. Promote and sell your brand, services, or business with these 10 invaluable tips
  11. Secure second bookings
  12. Strengthen your chances of getting your products featured in holiday gift guides
  13. Build your media kit/webpage with these 21 items
  14. Take advantage of your publicity and generate more business

You will leave with immediate and easy-to-implement take-away tools, media gathering methods, your attention-grabbing headline created for your business, proven scripts, and insider success drivers.

And lots and lots more…

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Use the Power of the Media to Build Your Business

Online Media Directory

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You just completed your interview in the news programs or your story was told in print. Especially fabulous are the videos and photos driving interest to your website and to your business. But, now what?

That’s right; now what? Just being interviewed on radio or TV or having an article published about your business will often drive new business for you. Today’s newspaper or magazine is tomorrow’s recycling, but that doesn’t mean that the life of your article is over – far from it, as a matter of fact. It is so important to get in front of people who will buy your services. Don’t just assume that everyone saw the media coverage. You need to tell them. Think about what you can do to create more buyers by letting people (buyers) know about the story on TV, radio, online, or in newspapers or magazines.

That piece still has lots of promotional juice left in it if you know how to squeeze it out. According to Marketing Coach Carol Naff, there are many things you can do with your publicity. Obviously, the rest of the world moved on to the next TV or radio story and edition of whatever periodical has published your piece or review. Use this opportunity to drive traffic to your services.

Tell the world about your media coverage by posting your piece on your website. For video, use You Tube to publish it and post a link on your website. For articles, either post a PDF of the article, or a link to the publisher’s website (assuming it is on their website), or you can post the original copy you submitted along with a mention of when and where it was published.

Email signature. Add a link in your email signature to automatically inform everyone about your publicity. Drive traffic to your website.

Frame it. That’s right; make a nice clean copy of your print coverage on archival paper. Lay it out nicely to fit on a single page, and frame it like a photo. Hang it proudly in your office, home, or reception area. Then your visitors who missed your piece when it was published can see what it looked like. They will be just as impressed (if not more so) than the readers who stumbled over your article in the first place.

Copy it. You can use the layout you created to frame your article or the PDF you made for your website to make copies. Include the banner of the paper or magazine, along with the date, so it is obvious when and where your piece originally appeared in print. Be sure to add your contact information as well, because you never know who might end up with a copy (and they might want to contact you). Use both sides of an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper if needed and make it look nice.

Use the copies in your press kit (which is now growing with the addition of your published pieces). Now that a third-party recognizes your expertise, it is proof that your business deserves recognition.

Mail copies of your article to your clients with a short note and a special offer. For example, you might write: Did you see my review in Sunday’s paper? I’m celebrating my fame with a special two-for-one offer (coupon enclosed).

Copies will come in handy for selling more services, too. Include a copy with your proposal for speaking to demonstrate your expertise. Show copies at meetings to indicate your expertise status.

You might also use it to get back in touch with prospects that haven’t committed to buying your services. Just send the copy with a business card and a short note that says something like: Hi Prospect, Did you happen to see this article in the Business section of the Times on Saturday? I know you are interested in [whatever you wrote about], and thought you might like to see this. I’ll be in touch soon! Best regards, Your Name.

Write and submit articles for publication in other media. Yes, absolutely, once your business is noted in one publication, others might be interested in reprinting it. Be sure to mention the publicity when you distribute an article about your services to online article banks, ezines, and information sites for reprinting. Or submit it to the newsletters of your trade associations or networking organizations. Very often, they are looking for content, and since your business has the endorsement of the publication that published it the first time, it might look mighty good to others.

Send it out as a press release. At the very worst, nothing will happen, but other media could pick it up to use as a filler piece. And there is always the possibility that an editor might be looking for an expert with your background and may call you for an interview. Your local newspaper looks for community members to highlight in the news. Be certain to submit photos and news releases to them.

So whatever you do, don’t just let your published article fade away. Use it again and again to get the most from your work. You’ll raise your credibility and visibility in the eyes of your clients, prospects, and the world. And you’ll have something to remind yourself of how good you can be when you put your mind to it. Visit my blog at for more ideas to market your business and yourself in a career search.

An exciting and informative workshop by Marcia Reece and Carol Naff provides all the secrets of getting into the media. Yes, all types of media including radio and TV and print media including newspapers and magazines. This info-packed seminar will include the essential elements of writing headlines and powerful media releases. We will reveal how to explain your business in exciting sound bites and marketing plans with examples, ideas, plus lot more. Wednesday, November 19, 12 Noon – 4:00 p.m. at May Library, 1471 S. Parker Road, Denver. Register here with this link.

Yayoi Kusama’s work on view at London’s Tate Modern through June 5

Horse Play Happening

Just recently, Yayoi Kusama jumped off the page of a magazine and got my attention.

Kusama released Happening in 1965. Since 1967 she had a lot of happenings and fashion shows not only in New York but also in Holland and Rome. As she got more active , she was influenced by an anti-vietnam war movement and American Presidential election and social elements were added to her art. She started creating Kusama Dress and textile , which were sold at department stores and boutiques all over the United States. In 1969 she opened her own boutique.

Polka dots, the trademark of “Kusama Happening.” Red, green and yellow polka dots can be the circles representing the earth, the sun, or the moon. Their shapes and what they signify do not really matter. I paint polka dots on the bodies of people, and with those polka dots, the people will self-obliterate and return to the nature of the universe. An excerpt from “Infinity Nets,” Kusama Yayoi Autobiograph. Visit Yayoi Kusama

What ex-Gov. Ritter learned on the Job

Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter was one of four U.S. governors who recently left office who contributed to “What We Learned in the Statehouse” in The New York Times on Sunday. Below is a link to his article. There were separate articles by Mark Sanford, South Carolina; Bill Richardson, New Mexico; and Phil Bredesen, Tennessee. Read NY Times

Run, Don’t Walk, to Increase Your Income

Many times I’ve wondered why small business owners don’t run for the opportunity to significantly increase their business income.  You’ve heard my success stories.  They are all similar to Rick Bauman’s story, a former Coaching Group member:

I can honestly say that while working for six months with Carol Naff, a professional coach, my website design and hosting business has more than tripled due to her coaching. I could not have reached this success so quickly without her help. My return on investment from coaching was surpassed within the first couple of months.

“Carol simply helps me clarify my goals and create a plan to achieve them. She does this by helping me see things in a new perspective and by holding me accountable for my actions. Carol helps me overcome my limiting beliefs and strive for higher levels of success.”  Rick Bauman, Arbis Inc.

If you haven’t increased your business income in the past six months, then start running to participate in my Group Marketing Strategies Games.  I realize that small business owners, who are not my clients, may not believe that coaching will make a difference for them.  So I woke up to the idea of offering a guarantee. Here’s the guarantee:  If at the end of the first month you absolutely hate being a participant in the group, you may drop the group.

Group coaching allows the shared wisdom of other professionals with the expertise of a professional coach.  Participants have the chance to coach and be coached. Because it is such a value to the participant, it adds more dimensions to coaching and accelerates achievement.

What Results Can You Expect from Joining the Group?

Ø      Clarify your goals and strengths

Ø      Balance your life

Ø      Transform your business

Ø      Achieve focus and confidence

Ø      Realize increased income

Ø      Implement proven and effective tools, concepts, and strategies

You’ll discover what your business requires in order to reach the next level and what’s standing in your way. This experience is targeted to your exact needs, and you’ll have time to talk through what’s going on for you and share it with the group. Another great benefit is the wisdom and experience contributed by the other members of the team.

How Do You Know if Joining a Coaching Group is Right for You?

Ø      You’re an ideal prospect for this adventure if you have a dream you’re passionate about and want to take your business to the next level.

Ø      You’re looking for structure and support.

Ø      You’re a self-starter.

Ø      You’re willing to experiment and are open to new ideas and change.

Ø      You’re persistent and dedicated.

If you’re taking too little action or frustrated because the action you’re taking isn’t working, then this group is perfect for you. But coaching isn’t for everyone.  It’s how the best get better.

What Are The Benefits?

Ø      You’ll identify what’s holding you back and break through to new levels of achievement.

Ø       You’ll build and implement an actual marketing plan that’s designed around your strengths, schedule, and budget. The accountability of the team experience will make you do what you NEVER would on your own.

Ø      This is an incredible value at any price, and a rare chance to transform your business and your life. You’ll receive training in marketing strategies. You’ll have the opportunity to test the viability of your ideas and plans with team members. You’ll receive help setting goals, establishing priorities, and strategic planning.

Ø      You’ll identify and break through roadblocks and resistance and get on the fast track. Your business and marketing will become an automated system—a well-oiled machine. You’ll have a support team to celebrate your successes, listen to your problems, and get you unstuck and back on the road to success. And since the group will be limited in size, you’ll get personalized attention and an interactive and creative environment.

If you’re running a business, you don’t have time to make costly mistakes. You need an edge. The power and synergy of the group and the proven coaching successes will banish isolation and inertia. Working with a coach AND a group of your peers is a powerful, transformative process.

Consistent application of new skills and strategies + accountability and support = success.

My experience is that group coaching is not only more economical—it’s POWERFUL.

It’s no surprise! It’s difficult to accomplish something big without accountability to someone. This dynamic group is ideal if you desire the tools, support, and guidance to really grow your business. This program includes:

q       A program paced in a way that allows you to absorb the information and implement it for immediate results

q       Two small group calls per month with tools and information from my business success process and coaching, support, guidance, and course correction from me and others working on goals just like yours

q       Comprehensive exercises for each step of the process complete with in-depth information such as checklists, goal-planning forms, time management planning tools, and assignments to deepen your learning and keep you in action.

q       Audio recordings of each class (so even if you miss a week, you won’t miss the information).

q       Access to a private web page containing all of the class materials, resource links, and audio downloads

q       A plan of your design for attaining your big goal and creating YOUR best strategies

q       The attention, accountability, and coaching from Professional Coach Carol Naff

PURPOSE: To help you increase your business income and your free time, while gaining simplicity, balance, focus, and confidence in all areas of your life.

PROCESS: Group coaching sessions. We will meet as a group on a telephone bridge* twice a month for 55 minutes each call. *Long distance charges are the responsibility of the participants.  One-on-one coaching also is available at a rate of $100/hour or $450 per month.

WHEN: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 12:00 – 12:55 p.m. Mountain Time. Or 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 9:00 – 9:55 a.m. Mountain.

INVESTMENT: $250/month.  (If it’s not REALLY an investment for you, don’t sign up.) Inquire about special pricing to see if you qualify – only $150/month.

REGISTER: Email and request an interview.

Remember; don’t delay. If you think this is for you, please act now. I would hate to have you miss out and be put on the waiting list until the next team opens up.

WARNING: Do NOT Apply for this program unless you’re willing . . .

Ø      And able to invest the time and money that’s required.

Ø      To keep confidential the business and personal affairs of the other members.

Ø      To be honest with yourself about where you are and what you REALLY want.

Ø      To do the homework assigned.

Ø      To take responsibility for the results.

Ø      To accept the changes rapid growth and wealth could inflict upon you.

Mariner Company

Carol J. Naff