Yayoi Kusama’s work on view at London’s Tate Modern through June 5

Horse Play Happening

Just recently, Yayoi Kusama jumped off the page of a magazine and got my attention.

Kusama released Happening in 1965. Since 1967 she had a lot of happenings and fashion shows not only in New York but also in Holland and Rome. As she got more active , she was influenced by an anti-vietnam war movement and American Presidential election and social elements were added to her art. She started creating Kusama Dress and textile , which were sold at department stores and boutiques all over the United States. In 1969 she opened her own boutique.

Polka dots, the trademark of “Kusama Happening.” Red, green and yellow polka dots can be the circles representing the earth, the sun, or the moon. Their shapes and what they signify do not really matter. I paint polka dots on the bodies of people, and with those polka dots, the people will self-obliterate and return to the nature of the universe. An excerpt from “Infinity Nets,” Kusama Yayoi Autobiograph. Visit Yayoi Kusama

Artists: Find your place in the market

 How to Find Your Place in the Market: Get Paid for your Creative Achievements

Saturday, August 27, 1-4pm with Carol Naff, TACtile’s marketing leader

TACtile Textile Arts Center

You know that you’re a great artist, so why not let others know it as well? TACtile presents a workshop for artists who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing their businesses and getting results. This workshop will teach you how to identify the best low-cost or no-cost marketing solutions for your business, avoiding dead ends and pitfalls that waste your time and energy, and the basics of creating and implementing a successful marketing plan that gets results!

From a class participant: “Thank you, Carol!
“Your class was invaluable to me. It really helped me understand how much is involved in, successfully, turning a hobby into a business and it gave me some great tools for making it happen. I also really enjoyed all of the interaction by the participants. What a great group!
“Hope I see you at TACtile :)” Tish Gallagher

More information and registration at TACtilearts.org