Are people snoring?


I have a recurring nightmare that goes like this: I am in a room giving a presentation. I feel passionately about the topic, and I know that I’ve put together a great presentation. But as the presentation moves along, I start losing control over the group. I notice that a few people aren’t listening to me. They are having their own …” read more at 100 Things Every Presenter Should Know by Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.


Where ever we go, we take everything we’ve ever been.”  Maya Angelou

What ex-Gov. Ritter learned on the Job

Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter was one of four U.S. governors who recently left office who contributed to “What We Learned in the Statehouse” in The New York Times on Sunday. Below is a link to his article. There were separate articles by Mark Sanford, South Carolina; Bill Richardson, New Mexico; and Phil Bredesen, Tennessee. Read NY Times


“We made email marketing simple for small businesses and nonprofits. Now we’re going to make social media marketing simple for them,” said Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact.

NutshellMail is a free service that makes it easy to monitor, manage and interact with friends, fans and customers through social media. It works by collecting and organizing the latest messages and activity from social networks — including Twitter?, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace® — into an interactive email snapshot that is delivered directly to your email inbox. Users can customize the content they want to track, add search terms, and choose how frequently they want to receive email updates. Signing up for a NutshellMail account takes just a few minutes, and the time savings start right away.

With NutshellMail, users can easily monitor and interact with social networks all in one place, including posting updates right from their email inbox. The free service helps busy professionals keep track of critical conversations about their company and the competition, and keeps them informed about what their customers are talking about — all from the place where they spend most of their online time.

Does your cat tweet?

Twitter For Cats: Does your cat tweet? It will soon. Sony Computer Science Labs exhibited a new lifelogging device for cats. It’s got a camera, a GPS and other sensors that allow your cat to archive random events throughout the day. When your cat eats, the system tweets, “This tastes good.”

Yes, we’re talking about letting your cat tweet about its exciting life. The device is equipped with a camera, accelerometer, and GPS chip. It’s able to transfer data to a PC via Bluetooth, after which the comments will be posted on Twitter. In case you’re wondering, this device doesn’t magically read your cat’s mind, rather it can post any of the 11 phrases available, such as “This tastes good” when the cat is eating something, or “Meal tastes better after a walk” if the cat takes a stroll after eating. We’re not entirely sure why you’d want to read predefined tweets by your cat, but if you’re really attached to it, maybe this might be something you’ve been wanting for a long time. The device itself weighs about 5 percent of a cat’s weight, can be attached to a collar, and hopefully doesn’t interfere too much with your cat’s life.

Okay, so why?

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