Marketing Networking: Be consistent in attendance at your perfect groups to find your future clients

Carol Naff Marketing Consultant

This is the golden nugget of networking. If you take the advice offered in the other 17 networking tips and don’t heed this one, you will do more than you need to do.

Always remember to consistently attend networking events to reap the benefits of the group. Choose two or three groups where you want to get involved.  Nothing happens if you don’t show up. As a matter of fact, nothing happens if you don’t follow-up.

Choose your niche and find them. What networking events do they attend? Then become involved and active in that special networking event or organization. Choose only a few groups where your peeps are attending. If you don’t have time to follow-up with the people you meet, then you are attending too many events.

And make sure to affect others profoundly. Listen for what’s special or unique about a person and take a moment to point it out. You’ll affect them positively with very little effort on your part. But do remember to be authentic.

New people are at every meeting. Develop those relationships with people who are there regularly and start relationships with the new people. The up side is that getting out there and meeting new people gets easier with each one you attend. It actually becomes quite enjoyable to connect with others and you will start to look forward to each one. It will enrich not only your professional life, but your personal life as well. As my client, Anne Randolph, said, “Networking is now fun and so much more effective when I apply the techniques Carol taught me. I’m getting more clients and I’m not ‘selling’.”  See Anne here

You can learn how to make the most of every networking event if you use these tips. These powerful tips raise your level of success and assure productive use of your time in building business partners through networking.

Strategy: Don’t be afraid to volunteer in helping to organize an event. Get involved and give as much as you can. The experience will give you a lot of insight into how you can help other businesses. It will be a win-win situation. At the same time, build relationships.

So take a deep breath, open your heart, and go out there and start connecting. You’ll be glad you did!  Know your niche and whom you want to meet. Learn more networking strategies at When it comes to networking, choose only a few places to network. Never miss a chance to market your business to each and every person you contact. Then be sure to include your ideas in a quick enewsletter to people you meet to stay in touch. Constant Contact is very reliable and a good resource. In addition, as a Constant Contact Certified Expert, I’ll help you set up your template to get started quickly. Use this link to get started at Constant Contact. Just send an email or call me at 303.337.4394 to take advantage of this offer.

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Networking marketing: The most consistent opportunity for marketing your business

Marketing networking email signature

Connect with a great email signature

Promote something, extend an invitation, or make an offer. You are missing a great opportunity when you are not using your email signature as a marketing tool. It is important to include a call to action. A well-designed email signature will make a huge impression with current and future clients and stand out among other messages in an inbox.

Use it to continue the relationship in your networking. Your email signature should be dynamic and informative when you follow-up with people you meet at networking events. Tell them who you are and what you do. Make it easy for them to contact you. Include a number of ways for readers to contact you. It is very important to always include your phone number so they don’t need to hunt around for it. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your websites and blogs.

Then include any events, special offers, or new services and products with links on how to take advantage of them. Use professional email signatures to increase social media followers and add advanced personalizing features that render even on smart phones and web mailboxes nicely.

Help them remember you by following up and creating a relationship.  When it comes to business, never miss a chance to market your business to each and every person you contact. More business building tips at

Speak so the Power of Persuasion Is On Your Side and Your Business Grows

Sally Bonkrude

Guest blog by Sally Bonkrude, PositiveInnerChange. How would you like to grow your business by positioning yourself as an expert in your field? The best way to do this, is to get your message out to the world. And the best way to get your message out is by public speaking. Today, we have service groups where you can speak, and tons of meet-up and networking groups who want speakers. Public speaking is an important marketing tool for your business and there is no reason not to use it.

To position yourself as an expert by speaking, you not only have to know your stuff, but you have to be able to deliver your message in a way that draws people in and persuades them to take action.

Here are some beginning pointers….

  • Enjoy being “you” when speaking! Let go of trying to hide your imperfections. Let go of any need to impress, inspire or to be special. Being you is perfect enough!
  • Begin with a smile, soften, breathe and know that you are being of service to your audience through your message.
  • Send compassion out to your audience and in to yourself…we all need it.
  • Let your passion out and shine.
  • Don’t hold too tightly to following your notes or planned presentation, instead trust your intuition and go with that.
  • Always, listen to your audience before, during, and after your presentation.

During your presentation, pay attention to your audience’s body language. If they are bored, adjust your presentation. You might try asking questions or go for more interaction. Relax and be open to what needs to happen in the moment.

Sally Bonkrude is a professional speaker and also works with speakers to create and deliver a message that sells. As a psychotherapist, Sally also helps performers to overcome anxiety and step onto the stage with confidence. To connect with her go to: and