Marketing Networking: Content marketing works like a charm

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

Build relationships and stay in touch with everyone

Consistently publish an enewsletter to stay in touch with your network. Writing an enewsletter is an easy way to regularly keep in contact, stay in touch, and build relationships with clients and people you meet at networking events. This is an inexpensive and effective way to become slightly famous. The people on your list will remember you and you will remember their names since you track your opens. You will see their names when you monitor your successes.

This networking strategy is only successful when you inform, entertain, and compel clients to act without actually telling them to take steps. Make sure you are giving valuable information to help your audience. What is your expertise? What do your ideal clients want to know? My newest client met me in 2008 and we consistently stayed in touch through my enewsletter. By sending an enewsletter, she was able to find me after all these years. I am able to give enough business building tips to be recognized as an expert.

Make your enewsletter valuable. Then include a call to action, mention a bargain, offer a discount, or include an invitation to an event.

Constant Contact is an excellent resource offering many benefits. As a certified Constant Contact Business Partner, I’m able to help you set up your account and shorten your learning curve to get your enewsletter out quickly. Register at Constant Contact. As always, your first 60 days are free and it will give you time to actually see positive results in your client response.

Strategy: Help everyone you meet remember you by following up with an enewsletter and creating a relationship. When it comes to business, never miss a chance to market your business to each and every person you contact. Then be sure to include your ideas in a quick enewsletter to people you meet to stay in touch. Constant Contact is very reliable and a good resource. In addition, as a Constant Contact Certified Expert, I’ll help you set up your template to get started quickly. Use this link to get started at Constant Contact. Just send an email or call me at 303.337.4394 to take advantage of this offer.


Marketing networking: Use no-cost Internet marketing strategies to build your brand

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

It all starts with you. Write to Build Your Brand and Share your Knowledge

Start by writing an article. Choose a topic to communicate your brand with content that is valuable. What are your areas of expertise? How do you want to be known? Let your authentic image show.

It isn’t enough to build your brand if you only write for your blog or your enewsletter. You can optimize your writing and use no-cost marketing strategies to repurpose those articles. Use them to spread the word to enhance your presence in the marketplace. Repurpose everything you write to spread the word far and wide. These are some ideas of where to maximize your writing:

  • post them on your blog
  • post it on websites like
  • send the article to your network in your enewsletter with links to the article and your website
  • post them on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter and again, include links to your website and blog
  • mention your article when networking and offer to send it to them
  • use your article as a handout when speaking or offer to send it to them

Write it once and use it to build your brand. Spread the word to attract an audience and drive traffic to your business.  People need to see your material constantly to keep a memory of you fresh in their minds. You will create high visibility with these written reminders so your audience won’t forget the value of your content and how beneficial it is to them. Articles I wrote for 9News about Career Searches are posted on to benefit job seekers.

Easy steps to getting your articles read

Revise and Proofread Your Articles

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

Gutting your articles

Searching for information should not resemble panning for gold. Your readers don’t want to wade through verbose sections of text to find the golden nuggets of information and won’t when more information is readily available.

Stop wasting your efforts with the won’t audiences! After all, what’s the point in writing articles if your articles aren’t read? Get readers engaged… read more

When writing articles, be sure to use them for multiple purposes. Post them online at various websites including, your social media sites, and most importantly, send them to your clients and prospective clients so they can read your articles, too. This will continue to build your reputation as an expert. Start sending a quick enewsletter to the people you meet to stay in touch. Constant Contact is very reliable and a good resource. They are offering a 30% discount until the end of June. In addition, as a Constant Contact Certified Expert, I’ll help you set up your template and get started quickly.