Marketing: Network with ideal clients at events

Carol Naff, Marketing Coach

Networking bridge

Not every person you meet is a prospect but nearly every person you meet can be a valuable part of your network. While networking, connect with more than just your prospects. You are seeking referral partners, potential alliance partners, and perhaps even peers or colleagues that are potential partners on large projects. Try to meet business owners for referring to prospects that are not a good fit for you. Identify your niche and clearly describe them so people can refer to you. Carefully choose where you spend your time. If you are not getting referrals or clients from your networking, then it is time to identify your niche and where you can find them. Also, identify the people who would be strong alliances in your field and seek them out. Those are the people who will refer clients to you and possibly partner at events with you. The most valuable person in your network is not the person who buys from you; it is the person who refers to you.


Business Card Scanner and Your Business Card

Guest blog by Michael King, Designer/Owner, Black Swan Image Works, Graphic Design

Business card scanners have made it easier to control our lists of contacts. So far, so good. But not all cards scan equally well. Some don’t scan at all.  What about your card?

I find that cards I have collected that don’t scan well end up in a second, “enter by hand” pile. Often that pile lies unattended for weeks or months. Certainly long enough for me to forget where I met the person or why I wanted their card. This is not ideal for either side in the transaction. How does your card measured up?

  1. Light text on a black background. This is absolutely the worst combination for most scanners. If your business card must have a black background, some problems can be minimized by using a standard sans-serif font, preferably bolded, and set at a minimum of twelve points.
  2. Closely related to number one is a darker colored font on a black background. Think about it. This card may be difficult to read in anything but a very bright light. I recently encountered a card with a black background and deep purple text. Pretty, but not a good communicator.
  3. Small, light type on a color background. The scanner doesn’t get enough information to “read” the card. A rule of thumb: try not to use type sizes smaller than 10 points. Nine-point type may pass muster, but why take a chance?
  4. Script fonts or eccentric fonts. Fonts that deviate from the accepted letter forms are hard to “read.”

Most of the four traits are fairly easy for your graphic designer to rectify. But if you have a predominantly black and white or light color palette, you may end up having to recycle your current inventory of cards and go for a new design.

If you have any questions about any of the issues I have raised, please feel free to contact me at 303-477-4662 or

Testimonial from Jennifer McCallum, Ph.D., Esq.

What a joy to receive this testimonial from someone I’ve known for many years.

I had heard about Carol from several very successful business people I
knew in Denver who raved about her ability to provide focused, efficient
and reasonable business advice that took into account the need for a
work-life balance.  I found the stories interesting because folks raved
about not only their business success (increased sales) after working
with her but also how they felt more in-control and happy in their
entire life.  When I met Carol, I understood why successful people rave
about her – she has combined her business skills with an ability to
relate well to people and provides a comprehensive solution to whatever
problem is placed in front of her taking into account the whole person –
not just the business side of the problem. 

Best regards,
Jennifer M. McCallum, Ph.D., Esq.
Patent Attorney
The McCallum Law Firm, P.C.
685 Briggs Street, P.O. Box 929
Erie, CO 80516

The sun comes out

“When she smiles or laughs, it’s like the sun comes out…” Oh, to feel that kind of love and admiration. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Magic number of 500

LinkedIn has a magic number of 500+ Please help me reach that number.

You can network with people from around the world on LinkedIn. Recently, I started a group for Creative Connections – 5280CC. I’m pleased to be on their Board and promote the group. This group meets locally in Denver and networks with people around the globe. Our members include people from throughout the USA and recently expanded to Australia, Canada, and Sweden.

Linked in is a great way to research businesses, corporations, people, groups, and interests. It is easy to request an introduction from someone you know to someone you want to meet. It is very interesting to search for groups and see who belongs to that group. Then, if these are people you are interested in meeting, request to join that group. Also, be very generous with your recommendations that are sincere.

Please ask me to link with you to help me reach that magic number.