Magic number of 500

LinkedIn has a magic number of 500+ Please help me reach that number.

You can network with people from around the world on LinkedIn. Recently, I started a group for Creative Connections – 5280CC. I’m pleased to be on their Board and promote the group. This group meets locally in Denver and networks with people around the globe. Our members include people from throughout the USA and recently expanded to Australia, Canada, and Sweden.

Linked in is a great way to research businesses, corporations, people, groups, and interests. It is easy to request an introduction from someone you know to someone you want to meet. It is very interesting to search for groups and see who belongs to that group. Then, if these are people you are interested in meeting, request to join that group. Also, be very generous with your recommendations that are sincere.

Please ask me to link with you to help me reach that magic number.


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