Testimonial from Jennifer McCallum, Ph.D., Esq.

What a joy to receive this testimonial from someone I’ve known for many years.

I had heard about Carol from several very successful business people I
knew in Denver who raved about her ability to provide focused, efficient
and reasonable business advice that took into account the need for a
work-life balance.  I found the stories interesting because folks raved
about not only their business success (increased sales) after working
with her but also how they felt more in-control and happy in their
entire life.  When I met Carol, I understood why successful people rave
about her – she has combined her business skills with an ability to
relate well to people and provides a comprehensive solution to whatever
problem is placed in front of her taking into account the whole person –
not just the business side of the problem. 

Best regards,
Jennifer M. McCallum, Ph.D., Esq.
Patent Attorney
The McCallum Law Firm, P.C.
685 Briggs Street, P.O. Box 929
Erie, CO 80516


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