Artists: Find your place in the market

 How to Find Your Place in the Market: Get Paid for your Creative Achievements

Saturday, August 27, 1-4pm with Carol Naff, TACtile’s marketing leader

TACtile Textile Arts Center

You know that you’re a great artist, so why not let others know it as well? TACtile presents a workshop for artists who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing their businesses and getting results. This workshop will teach you how to identify the best low-cost or no-cost marketing solutions for your business, avoiding dead ends and pitfalls that waste your time and energy, and the basics of creating and implementing a successful marketing plan that gets results!

From a class participant: “Thank you, Carol!
“Your class was invaluable to me. It really helped me understand how much is involved in, successfully, turning a hobby into a business and it gave me some great tools for making it happen. I also really enjoyed all of the interaction by the participants. What a great group!
“Hope I see you at TACtile :)” Tish Gallagher

More information and registration at


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