The Most Expensive Strategy

strategic partnersThe biggest difference between what you have now and your vision of what you want to have happen is time and the right strategies. Of course, there are some really dumb ideas that don’t manage to take off and become successful. But generally, it is time and a plan that stops you. Think about all those experiences that were lost to time.

Recently, John Assaraf said that the most expensive strategy for building your business is doing it yourself. It will take that much more time to accomplish your goals. You’ll make the same mistakes that have been made by many, many of people. It costs you lost revenue when you don’t work with someone who can guide you to find the right strategies for your business. It all may be lost to time

There’s no shortage of opportunities including a favorable time for dramatic growth. Never blame anything or anyone. Look at what you are doing and think bigger to achieve your vision.

Of course, first you’ll have to find a way to identify those opportunities. Next, you’ll need to develop a strategic plan to exploit them. And then there’s the ongoing task of managing your new program to reach your new goals.

It’s a real challenge. No doubt about it. Imagine being able to shorten that list of things to do and reach your goal more quickly.

According to the SBA, it often takes business owners three years to start up a business and get it to a point where it’s producing income. Imagine taking the short cuts and knowing exactly what tactics will produce those big results. Imagine learning what to eliminate. Those are the wasters of time, money, and energy that produce little or no results.

Strategy: So get motivated for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a wholesale reinvention of your life to change the results. Hire your business/marketing coach who demonstrates great results for her clients. Request your free strategy session to learn what need to be done to be successful.

“Be a Leader. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to.” Dale Carnegie


Strong conviction

Conviction is when you totally believe in the result. My daughter-in-law totally believed with all certainty that the Steelers would win the game here in Denver. She is an avid Steelers fan. We could even say that she is a fanatic Steelers fan. She was so thrilled that they were coming to Denver and convinced my son that it would be really fun to attend the game. She had such conviction that the Steelers would win that she told her students that she would wear a Broncos t-shirt to school on Monday if the Broncos won. She is a Middle School Language Arts teacher in Cherry Creek.

In this case, she was wrong in her conviction. The Broncos pulled off a win. And true to her promise, my daughter-in-law wore the Broncos t-shirt to school on Monday. The highlight of the day was when a group of students came into her room, knelt down, and Tebowed… Now she didn’t promise to Tebow herself like the mayor of Pittsburgh did. See this

Strategy: Become passionate about something that you will pursue with conviction.

Write your 25 best accomplishments

What will you do to change your outcomes to what you want? When you continue doing the same stuff, you will have the same results.

Do you know what and how to change to make this year different? Did your 2011 achievements match your vision for your life and business? Did your values impact your year?

Write down your 25 best accomplishments for the past year.

This simple exercise is extremely powerful. Time goes by so quickly that we forget to celebrate the good things that happen. It is so easy to focus on what we didn’t get done rather than what we accomplished. First, find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed. Then write down 25 accomplishments that you achieved in 2011.

Then, taking each one in turn, read them out loud. After the last one, IMMEDIATELY make a list of 10 goals for the New Year. After truly acknowledging all the amazing things you did in 2011, you’ll feel incredibly powerful and set even higher goals!

Then as the year progresses, continue to keep track of your accomplishments. Each and every day, write down three achievements for that day. It could be as simple as went to the gym or signed a new client. This is very different from a ‘to do’ list. At the end of each day, reflect on your successes.

Strategy: Learn how to change your business structures and systems to realize your dreams in 2012.

“Marketing is not a function in a company; it is the entire being of a company.” Steven Levitt