The Most Expensive Strategy

strategic partnersThe biggest difference between what you have now and your vision of what you want to have happen is time and the right strategies. Of course, there are some really dumb ideas that don’t manage to take off and become successful. But generally, it is time and a plan that stops you. Think about all those experiences that were lost to time.

Recently, John Assaraf said that the most expensive strategy for building your business is doing it yourself. It will take that much more time to accomplish your goals. You’ll make the same mistakes that have been made by many, many of people. It costs you lost revenue when you don’t work with someone who can guide you to find the right strategies for your business. It all may be lost to time

There’s no shortage of opportunities including a favorable time for dramatic growth. Never blame anything or anyone. Look at what you are doing and think bigger to achieve your vision.

Of course, first you’ll have to find a way to identify those opportunities. Next, you’ll need to develop a strategic plan to exploit them. And then there’s the ongoing task of managing your new program to reach your new goals.

It’s a real challenge. No doubt about it. Imagine being able to shorten that list of things to do and reach your goal more quickly.

According to the SBA, it often takes business owners three years to start up a business and get it to a point where it’s producing income. Imagine taking the short cuts and knowing exactly what tactics will produce those big results. Imagine learning what to eliminate. Those are the wasters of time, money, and energy that produce little or no results.

Strategy: So get motivated for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a wholesale reinvention of your life to change the results. Hire your business/marketing coach who demonstrates great results for her clients. Request your free strategy session to learn what need to be done to be successful.

“Be a Leader. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to.” Dale Carnegie


1 thought on “The Most Expensive Strategy

  1. Carol, I have also found it is helpful to have clients actually sit down and write out their plan. Prepare for pushback as no one likes to do this, but writing a plan helps clarify thoughts and clear thoughts can lead to doable actions. Be sure to date the plan so it can be pulled out later (every 3-6 months) and make sure the timelines are being met or adjusted.

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