Strong conviction

Conviction is when you totally believe in the result. My daughter-in-law totally believed with all certainty that the Steelers would win the game here in Denver. She is an avid Steelers fan. We could even say that she is a fanatic Steelers fan. She was so thrilled that they were coming to Denver and convinced my son that it would be really fun to attend the game. She had such conviction that the Steelers would win that she told her students that she would wear a Broncos t-shirt to school on Monday if the Broncos won. She is a Middle School Language Arts teacher in Cherry Creek.

In this case, she was wrong in her conviction. The Broncos pulled off a win. And true to her promise, my daughter-in-law wore the Broncos t-shirt to school on Monday. The highlight of the day was when a group of students came into her room, knelt down, and Tebowed… Now she didn’t promise to Tebow herself like the mayor of Pittsburgh did. See this

Strategy: Become passionate about something that you will pursue with conviction.


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