Marketing Networking: Follow up with everyone

Marketing: Follow up with people

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

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Even though you will meet many people who are not good prospects for your business, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow-up with them.

Each person probably knows 250 other people who might be in need of your services. Remember, every person knows at least 50 other people, who know another 50 people, who know another 50 people…etc.

Get your name out there and let other people spread your message. And you do the same for them. Help each other drive traffic to events and websites.

Kathie Seedroff posted this comment on FB when she read this blog: “I was especially reminded of how important your advice (below) is when I received two consults this month. One was with a woman I worked with back in 2006 and another with a new client who said she’s been reading my “Feng Shui Fridays” for four years since she met me at a networking event.

“Follow Carol’s advice even if it takes four years for people to eventually use the benefits you provide: “The good news is that eventually the benefits you provide will someday be a priority. Something in your potential client’s life will change. Or they will refer someone to you who would benefit from your services. If you haven’t kept in contact with them and followed up, they’ll find someone else to help them reach their goals. When you have called, cared, followed up, and if you’ve let this system work its magic, you’ll be the one waiting in the wings to work with them.”

Thanks, Carol.
Kathie Seedroff,
Author “Hey! It’s Feng Shui Friday” and blogger of “Feng Shui Fridays”

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