Describe your ideal client

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

How can you market to everyone?

We cannot market to everyone unless we have unlimited time, money, and energy. Decide who to target. Identifying your niche and describing their recognizable characteristics is the first important step to prevent wasting time with people who cannot help you in obtaining new clients. Identify your niche by reflecting on your ideal clients or perhaps even just one special client. Your ideal client is the person who is most likely to buy from you, and whom you most want to serve. They are the people who:

  • Believe you can help them to achieve their goals
  • Are willing to pay your fee to get that outcome
  • Are passionate about their product or service
  • Accept responsibility for their own success
  • Are ready to¬†identify their best strategies
  • Embrace their¬†spiritual side

Here’s what my clients expect from me:

  • Direct talk, with no time-wasting chatter
  • My undivided attention and support
  • My strategic and creative resources
  • Proven strategies to get more clients
  • And lots more, but let’s move on…