Invite them to something — anything

Carol Naff Marketing Coach

Golden Nugget for Networking

Identify people you would like to get to know better. Then, always invite them to something. Invite them to a class you are offering, another networking opportunity, or a chance to meet for coffee. (As a marketing consultant specializing in working with creatives, I’ll often invite creatives to Creative Connections

This gives you another chance to stay in touch. Remember, it takes 7 to 12 touches for them to hire you. Keep moving the relationship forward.

The good news is that eventually the benefits you provide will someday be a priority. Something in your potential client’s life will change. Or they will refer someone to you who would benefit from your services. If you haven’t kept in contact with them and followed up, they’ll find someone else to help them reach their goals. When you have called, cared, followed up, and if you’ve let this system work its magic, you’ll be the one waiting in the wings to work with them.

These golden nuggets of networking tips will raise your level of success and assure productive use of your time in building business partners through networking.