Why does LinkedIn only want you to invite people you know to connect?

Imagine going to a networking event and only talking to people you know. LinkedIn is the biggest networking opportunity with millions of members. Yet, LinkedIn limits your ability to message, connect, and build your network. You have the ability to meet your ideal clients or a targeted list of people.

Yes, that’s powerful and that’s what LinkedIn can do for you. You create a bigger sphere of influence with tons of connections. You have the ability to share your expertise with a larger audience. You are found more often on searches in LinkedIn and you are able to help more people.

LinkedIn Groups new features and a fresh, bright look

They claim that LinkedIn Group members can now add images to their posts and mention other users. The company says it cut back on clutter, spam and promotional content within Groups. The navigation panel is also simpler, and LinkedIn significantly increased the amount of open space on the pages. Are you finding it easier to navigate? I am having to jump through hoops to moderate my Creative Connections- 5280 group.

What would you like LinkedIn to do for you? Do you want:

  • More prospects and leads for your company?
  • Credibility in your field?
  • Connect with like-minded people?
  • Affiliations with other leaders in your field?
  • Research your competition?

    Why does LinkedIn only want you to invite people you know to connect? Please comment and let us know what results you are getting with your LinkedIn profile.


3 thoughts on “Why does LinkedIn only want you to invite people you know to connect?

  1. Carol, this is an excellent post. You have so accurately described the same difficulty so many of us experience. Let’s hope this post goes viral so Linked In might reassess how their powerful business networking system can best work for all of us. Thanks for bringing this issue into the forefront.

  2. Agree, the most valuable feature for me, as a national and international nonprofit and community consultant is the ability meet people in my “influence/network” who I don’t know and would like to, or for those who don’t know me to get connected. Linked In, other than my personal Facebook page, is by far the resource I like best and use most. The ability to meet interesting, new people is one of its greatest gifts. I DO HOPE THEY WILL RECONSIDER. If someone doesn’t want to be connected to you, they will just not accept the request. Simple. Thanks for the interesting post.

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