Marketing: Develop a sticky elevator speech

Be very clear about what you do and offer. Make it short so it sticks. It is impossible to remember a long description. Make certain that you stand out with a creative description.

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

Stand out in with a sticky introduction

There are many mistakes people make in a 30-second commercial. A few of these are to say a title, a consultant, or what you sell. But the biggest mistakes are to say, “It is hard to explain.” or “How much time do you have?” Several years ago while networking, that is the response someone gave me when I asked him what he did. He then proceeded to give me a big packet of information to read so I could understand what he did. I had just met him. Why would I spend time reading a packet of information? Then I had to carry around that packet all morning. Did I ever read that information packet? You know the answer.

Just as the title suggests, we have only 30 seconds to elicit a response. You want to be appropriate, credible, intriguing, specific, and very brief (under 3.5 seconds). Not really 30 seconds but it is best said in seven words or less. Sell the benefits of what you do, not the features or process. The goal is to spark a subconscious interest in the other person so they will ask: “How do you do that?”

What is your sticky elevator pitch?


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