Marketing: Network your way to success

When you meet just one potential alliance partner at an event, you hit the jackpot. A great networking event is Creative Connections on MeetUp. We meet on the first Friday of every month at the Innovation Pavilion in Centennial, CO. If you are in a creative industry, please come and meet other creatives. Network your way to success. Here’s another tip:

Enjoy networking

Set a goal for the event
It is so much easier to just hang out with people you know. However, the more connections you make, the more potential opportunities you have to develop future business transactions. When you set a goal of how many business owners you want to meet, you have an incentive to circulate and meet as many people as possible. Remember this is not a time for selling. This is an opportunity to plant some seeds and learn how you can help people you encounter. It is a time to offer to help introduce them to someone they want to meet or send them a helpful article.


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