Birds of a feather flock together

Birds of a feather flock together. Many of these idioms are handed down from generation to generation are really good rules. Now, consider for a moment that you could apply this idiom to your business. According to Marketing Coach Carol Naff, you can use this wisdom in your business.

Birds of a feather

If it is true that birds of a feather flock together, then when you identify your target market or niche, you can easily know where your potential clients gather. Your niche helps you identify your marketing strategies for your ideal clients. Marketing is about creating relationships. With unlimited money, time, and energy, you can market to everyone.

Chances are that you can’t market to everybody but you can serve everybody. Choose a small target market. Then when people outside your target come into your life, you can still serve everybody. By knowing whom you want to meet, you can then identify where to find them. Identify your Niche. Reflect on your ideal clients or perhaps even just one special client. Your ideal client is the person most likely to buy from you, and whom you most want to serve. My ideal clients are identified on my website at Your ideal clients:

  • Acknowledge or recognize a strong desire to have the outcome, experience, or solution that you provide.
  • Are motivated for whatever reason to take action to get it.
  • Realizes that the ROI exponentially exceeds the cost.
  • Can and will find the money to pay for your product or service.
  • Are thrilled with your product or service.
  • Tell their friends, family, clients, and colleagues about you and how much they love your work.

Strategy: Identify whom you want to meet. It helps you describe your target market so everyone can easily identify a perfect referral for you. Then identify where to go to meet them. It means that, yes, you can provide services to everyone and at the same time, just market to a specific niche. Identify where your birds flock together.


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