Secrets to building a referral endless source

From the on-the-street salesperson to the attorney, from the entrepreneur to the accountant, endless referrals are important. From the financial advisor to the architect, from the automotive sales professional to the real estate agent, endless referrals are crucial. From the home-based business owner to the insurance agent, and from the network marketer to the software consultant, endless referrals are the cornerstone of business.

Without being solidly based on endless referrals from our customers, clients, and everyday contacts, the fate of any business becomes a nerve-wracking mystery, dependent on the whims of current economic conditions and buying moods.
Bob Burg in his book, Endless Referrals, Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales, wrote about how to build your network. Business owners: Enter my drawing for a chance to win a free copy of the book. All you need to do to enter the drawing is share this article on your business page on Face Book or forward this enewsletter to someone. Then let me know you did it.

Strategy: Build alliance partners and extremely happy clients so they will rave about you and your services. Imagine yourself at the hub and everyone you know are in bubbles attached to the center (YOU) with a string. Then, identify the people who gave you referrals. Is it 20%? It is believed that 20% of people will give you referrals, 60% don’t know how, and 20% will never give a referral. Learn how to teach that 60% how to give a referral to you. AND be the person who gives lots of referrals.

Contact me at So whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity for a free strategy session.


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