Experts warn: Act now or Cherry Creek Dam will fail in a big storm

Amazing to build anything in a flood zone.

Friends Of Denver Parks

*editor note, the following article was presented in the Denver Post April 2001. It is presented as a companion piece to the Disaster Scenario for Cherry Creek Dam Weighted printed in the Denver Post Jan23, 2015*

By Penelope Purdy
Denver Post Columnist

April 11 2001 – A nightmarish scenario is fueling a controversy over how or whether to shore up the Cherry Creek Dam.

Experts say an extreme downpour could burst the Cherry Creek Dam, sending a 52-foot-high wall of water roaring into a metropolis of 2 million people. The flood’s force would uproot trees, topple power lines and tear buildings from their foundations. Cars on Interstate 225 would be swept away. Much of Glendale would be engulfed.

The crest would undulate with the shape of the landscape and creek bed, but remain big, fast and deadly for a long distance.

It would stand four stories high and be traveling…

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