Put Your Best Foot Forward

Use the Power of the Media to Build Your Business

Promote yourself for FREE. Build your work into a brand

Carol Naff and Marcia Reece

Media Directory

Why isn’t your business receiving publicity while others seem to always be in the media? What do they know (or do) that you don’t?

Businesses today know strong results are tied to having a brand and making it known. It is people who provide the edge to increase notoriety, expand market share, and build your business image. Yet how can you prepare yourself to deliver cutting-edge news topics for the media? The Power of the Media Workshop shows you how.

This exciting and informative workshop by Marcia Reece and Carol Naff provides all the secrets of getting media interviews. This info-packed seminar will include the essential elements of writing headlines and powerful media releases. We will reveal how to explain your business in exciting sound bites and marketing plans with examples, ideas, plus a bonus take-away workbook.

Power of the Media, Early registration – $79 until November 17. Regular registration – $99 – limited seating available

12 Noon – 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 19th, Arapahoe May Library, 1471 S. Parker Road Denver, CO 80231 (Florida & Parker Road).

Register here with this link

You Will Learn How to:

  1. Use the point and shoot method
  2. Guarantee your work will be on CNN
  3. Build a powerful media release
  4. Use headline analyzers for the most powerful email subject lines
  5. Make the media work for your business with our best tricks, tips and techniques
  6. Get into magazines with these top 40 tips
  7. Gain confidence with the top 10 things to prepare for your radio and TV interviews
  8. Say it quick to make it stick
  9. Give a successful interview
  10. Promote and sell your brand, services, or business with these 10 invaluable tips
  11. Secure second bookings
  12. Strengthen your chances of getting your products featured in holiday gift guides
  13. Build your media kit/webpage with these 21 items
  14. Take advantage of your publicity and generate more business

You will leave with immediate and easy-to-implement take-away tools, media gathering methods, your attention-grabbing headline created for your business, proven scripts, and insider success drivers.

And lots and lots more…

Granting of permission by the Arapahoe Library District to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library District Staff or Board of Trustees


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