Marketing: Know your referral partners

Referral Partners

When networking, you aren’t just looking for clients. You also are strategically looking for referral and power partners. Networking to find one new client might put a deposit in the bank, but searching for one new referral or power partner might mean 100 check deposits in the bank. Where would you rather focus your efforts?

Power partners will also present repeat opportunities to serve each other. It definitely is beneficial to develop power partners to grow your business.

When someone offers you the opportunity to help, be specific about the professions and industries that are great partners for you. Think about professions and industries that share your same or adjacent target markets. For example, great power partners for a chiropractor might be massage therapists or  acupuncturists. Your networking will pay off by knowing and communicating with the right business connections to enhance your success in building your client list. Just recently I counted the number of clients I have because of Creative Connections. Great referrals are handed out there every month because of collaboration.

Strategy: Ask for introductions to everyone compatible with your business structure. Visit


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