Getting What You Really Want for your Business

Creative Connections is pleased to present

The WOW Factor

January 20, 2012, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Getting What You Really Want From Your Business

Running your own business often means being run over by your business. Those great ideas and energies you employed to launch your enterprise are so easily swamped by day-to-day demands of operating a business. Is it any wonder that 400,000 small businesses close their doors every year?

What goes wrong? Why can’t entrepreneurs find a way to prosper and grow their businesses?

The WOW factor workshop is designed for participants to tackle issues of dissatisfaction by exploring, redirecting, and focusing their human capital. In the process, participants will understand how to more effectively and efficiently connect their signature strengths and passion with the operation of their business.

By gaining clarity and perspective, the net result is the development of a plan to maximize the owner’s strengths and passion. At the same time, reducing the business’s operational drag that can sap energy, enthusiasm, and spirit. Read more…  

Two experienced businessmen will introduce you to steps to utilize your strengths.


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