For massive business growth, referrals still rule…

Costly marketing strategies are taking a back seat to a much better way to get more clients, more customers, more sales, and more revenue.

I’m talking about referrals, and here are three major reasons why they still rule:

  • Your prospects are in a completely different mindset when they are referred to you.  They are ready to move forward.
  • Skepticism goes out the window.  Referrals are the antidote to the hesitant buyer because you’ve already been vetted.
  • It’s the ultimate win-win because the person who referred you is doing the prospect a favor.  All you have to do is come through with great service (and I know you can do that).

“In terms of a business boost, I can’t praise Carol Naff highly enough. As a business coach myself, I struggled for years with establishing my practice. Working with Carol as my coach, my business rapidly started to climb. This year, despite the recession, I am on target to earn $70,000, with only 10 clients! That equates to about 40 working hours a month. With Carol’s help, I fine-tuned my marketing skills and built my referral engine. The results – I haven’t marketed for several years. Clients seemingly fall into my lap by referral. Thank you, Carol!!!! Melinda Condray, Executive Coach, Baltimore

Join Carol Naff and Andy O’Bryan for this free teleseminar, The Referral Project: How to Build a Referral Based Business on Wednesday, October 19 by clicking on the solobizmarketing.wordpress link to learn more about The Referral Project and to register.


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